Opinions from our clients

- Paral·lel -
"I'm very happy and satisfied with the work made by Maite. She knew how to optimize and take advantage of the spaces whinking about the needs I had as a client. Another of her skills that I enjoyed is that she finds the best solution with adequate price/quality ratio adapted to the whole renovation. The results were fantastic, not only I enjoyed them, but everybody who came to see it after the works loved them as well. In my opinion, her input was very helpful to achieve the final result, she's very professional and with a great experience. She puts a lot of enthusiasm on what she does and it shows, I couldn't have done it myself! To that I'll add that she's a great person, kind and likeable. She know how to connect with your needs. That's why, if you want to renovate your house or space, I recommend her!"

- New York -
"I loved working with Cubí 80. They helped me think about the distribution of my house in an effective way to avoid mistakes that would cost me a lot to correct later. Also, they helped me balance the budget, saving where you won't notice it and expending extra on the most visual things. Thank you!"

- Enric Granados -
"My experience with Cubí 80 and their team can be qualified with an A+. Maite is a 10, she's a well educated person who very quickly captures your taste and needs, carries out the work and leads her team with a professionalism we're not used to see. With her we have made 2 complete renovations and also some works in an apartment while we were living there. She's in charge of everything, making sure the workers' schedule doesn't interfere with your daily routine. She's a person capable of designing a floor plan for the whole house and the distribution of all electrical installations while still keeping in mind the tiniest decorative details. For our complete renovations she has previously gone to the supplier's stores and sorted out what she thought would adapt to our taste and needs, making our selection process very easy. Once the main works were finished, she assisted us for anything related to the house, no matter how little it was. She works with good contractors and controls thoroughly the whole process. Obviously, you have to pay for such a good service, but in our case where my husband and I are working all day outside the house, was totally worth it."

- Indústria -
"My experience with Maite has been amazing! We made a bathroom "for boys", tiny, but very elegant, functional and modern. She knew how to give it a masculine touch with the right measure. My kids were delighted! She kept in mind the last practical detail and controlled the construction with rigor and exigence. A great professional who makes everything easy for you, captures what you like and want from the first moment... and she just improves it! She managed everything (she even chose the cutest toilet brush!) and the results were much better that I could imagine. Good quality, both professional and human. It was a pleasure working with her."

- Còrsega -
"The works done for the renovation of some of my apartment's rooms carried by the Cubí 80 team were a true quality experience. Their director, Maite Bravo, achieved adequate results, functional and economically, with excellence on the design and realisation of the construction process. All of it was done with an exquisite sensibility about the personal desires every client has for their own homes."

- Gran Via -
"I'm very happy with the work! Very good professionals! My apartment is beautiful. Cubí 80 100% recommendable!"

- La Mallola -
"Sometimes you don't have any idea where to begin, I believe this happends most of the time! Maite tries, first thing, to know how you are, the way you move throughout your house, your habits... it's very important! Other times you can have a clear idea of what you don't and do want in each of your home's rooms, how you want them to be, purpose... you have an idea on your head but sometimes you don't even know where to look for it. After many meetings, conversations, sharing opinions, colors, textures, styles... Maite captured my style and what I wanted. Also, while we were speaking, she kept showing me catalogues of chairs, tables, fabrics... and I then could choose the style and purpose of each room. With this first idea set, then we went on and chose the elements, going to providers' stores together. In summary, it was exciting. I also must say that when you have to make a lot of choices in a short period of time you can get stressed out, and that's normal. In the end, when you see everything finished, you remember each decision and laugh about those times. It was truly of huge help, without a doubt. "

- Avinguda de Madrid -
"Working with Cubí 80 was an amazing and easy experience at the same time. From the very beginning Maite captured my needs and wishes for the complete renovation and she translated them on plans, images, materials... Contracting her services was the best decision at the moment. She captures the idea, chooses materials and you can forget about the construction: in 3 months the apartment was renovated to perfection! From that moment, every time we need advice, works or anything else, we just make a call and know everything will be okay. 100% recommendable."

- Ausiàs March -
"I wanted to renovate my house for a long time. Maite Bravo, with her professionalism knew how to shape and give life to what I wanted with her ideas, which translated my personality into the house, and the results were fabulous. The whole team that took part on the renovation, directed by Maite Bravo, was wonderful and professional."

- Rector Ubach -
"Everything started with removing the bath tub. The only thing I was sure of when my parents passed was that the bath tub would be out. I contacted Maite to speak about the bathroom renovation and I ended up doing almost the whole apartment. Of course, Maite was right. The apartment was very well taken care of and the idea of doing construction terrified me, but now that we were renovating one thing, ¿wouldn't it be better to do everything else at once and forget about it instead of each individual rooom every few years? Adapt the apartment to my taste and needs, modernize the plumbing and wiring to optimize ressources, combine the new with the old and especially, add plenty of light and color. Maite understood me very well, she guided me through the whole process, sometimes she convinced me and other times I convinced her. Oh, and she let me forget about the most tedious and complicated aspects of a renovation, because Maite rigorously directs the batallion of workers and professionals that take part in the process to ensure everything is done according to the plans and schedule, which in the middle of a pandemic wasn't easy. The result is my home, a stunning apartment where I feel reflected and I'm happy. If I ever find myself renovating something else, there's no hesitation to who will get the call: Maite Bravo and her team of Cubí 80."