The Cubí 80 team offers different kinds of services, adjusting to each client's needs:

On one hand, she offers the classic workflow of blueprints, project and construction direction required for a total renovation (or an isolated space renovation), where all plans are drawn before their materialization. Each of the proposed elements are also chosen in model, texture and color, including their posterior management.

On the other hand, Cubí 80 offers other kinds of services where changes that don't require construction are made, giving professional advice, guiding and deciding with the client the desired feeling and proposing functional and aesthetic solutions

Maite Bravo also teaches interior design on a One-on-One basis educating those interested in doing their own interior design and decorating. Maite teaches how to read the geometry of the space being renovated, how to balance the visual weights and how to coordinate the different elements according to their taste, style and personality, establishing a selection criteria so the clients can learn to do it by themselves.

Lastly, Maite Bravo offers an interior design counseling service, charging by the hour, where she works with the client answering questions, giving advice and helping them decide on any or all aspects of the project. These meetings can take place in Cubí 80's studio, in supplier stores or in the space that is being renovated.