Interior design and decoration consulting

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to transform your home or work spaces with personalized, professional advice?
We work with you at your home or at the supplier's store, helping you make choices, resolving doubts, organizing your ideas, and helping you brainstorm on how you want to live in your home.
Price: €70 per hour + IVA. Transportation outside Barcelona not included.

Redistribution of existing furniture

We work together to rearrange and redistribute your furniture, whether by changing its placement or by putting it in a different room. We remove or add pieces as needed, achieving a harmonious distribution that efficiently revitalizes your home in an attractive manner.

Color selection

Our service includes guidance choosing colors for your walls. Additionally and if needed, we can provide suggestions for wallpapers, painting techniques, woods, high baseboards, etc. We assist you in transforming your environment with style and harmony.

Fabric selection

We accompany you to the store to jointly choose fabrics for curtains, upholstery, cushions, etc. We make the selection of fabrics for your home easy and personal. With our advice we ensure that each choice reflects your style and complements your space with elegance.

Lighting optimization

We carefully analyze your current lighting situation and make necessary adjustments based on the needs and specific functions of each of your spaces. Whether we help you redistribute, eliminate or complement, our service aims to improve lighting in a personalized way, creating a more functional and attractive atmosphere in your home.

Material selection for kitchen or bathrooms

We guide you in selecting materials for your kitchen and bathroom. We explore stores together, selecting the right elements for you: ceramics, lavatories, faucets, furniture, countertops, appliances, etc. With our personalized advice, we will transform your spaces with style and comfort.

Kitchen furniture distribution

Optimize your kitchen with our furniture distribution service. Together, we reflect and decide on the ideal arrangement of all the modules: drawers, doors, shelves, and accessories to maximize storage and functionality. We offer personalized solutions that blend style and practicality, transforming your culinary space into an efficient and aesthetically pleasing area.

Construction advice

Get direct answers and immediate solutions. Whether your construction is already in progress or yet to begin, this service offers a one time or on-demand meetings with the workers on-site. We efficiently address your queries, providing on-site guidance to ensure the success of your construction project.

Preparing your apartment to rent

We will advise you on the remodeling needed in order to leave your place in the optimal condition for renting. We give you guidance and suggestions on aesthetic improvements and practical adjustments to ensure a positive impression and to attract potential tenants.

Layout on blueprint

We transform your space from the existing blueprint. We work together to plan the furniture layout, deciding on the arrangement of lighting and marking locations for outlets and switches. With our service we analize and optimize your space from the very beginning in order to achieve the best functionality and aesthetics for you.

Low-cost decoration

Together we explore affordable options, be it online or at physical stores to find furniture, lighting, rugs, and accessories that transform your home without compromising your budget. Through our service you will achieve stylish and functional decorations without overspending.


How about presenting a loved with a different kind of gift? Surprise them with our one time, on-demand interior design and decoration advice services. Choose from our available services and give them the opportunity to transform their spaces in a unique way.